Fusion 360 CAM - curves made up of straight lines

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Fusion 360 CAM - curves made up of straight lines

Post by lsteele » Sat 20 Oct , 2018 11:10 am


I'm using Fusion 360 with the Denford post processor and a Denford Triac mill, using VR milling 5. I'm getting lots of faceting (i.e. curves made up of multiple straight lines) in my g-code. I've attached a small g-code excerpt at the bottom of this email. I can also see the results of this in the finished parts - https://photos.app.goo.gl/j5qyAMaZShm64RZLA.

I believe the Triac is a late 90s example but I've been told by Denford that the electronics were probably upgraded in the mid 2000s.

I think it's particularly prevalent (or maybe only with) the 3d adaptive operations in Fusion.

Does anyone have any suggestions how to solve this? Aside from the impact on the finished part, I think it also slows the mill down a lot. I'm assuming this is a post-processor issue.



G-code excerpt:

Code: Select all

N6 [TOOLDEF  T0404 D10
N7 M5
N8 G90 M6 T0404
N9 M3 S1200
N10 M8
N11 G43 H4
N13 G0 X-0.001 Y0
N14 Z15.2
N15 Z5.2
N16 Z3.7
N17 G1 Z2.7 F200
N18 Z-1.8 F66.7
N19 X-0.069 Y0.032 F140
N20 X-0.099 Y0.01
N21 X-0.114 Y-0.025
N22 X-0.115 Y-0.062
N23 X-0.103 Y-0.098
N24 X-0.06 Y-0.159
N25 X0.008 Y-0.191
N26 X0.083 Y-0.192
N27 X0.152 Y-0.163
N28 X0.207 Y-0.112
N29 X0.242 Y-0.046
N30 X0.255 Y0.028
N31 X0.244 Y0.102
N32 X0.181 Y0.238
N33 X0.062 Y0.329
N34 X-0.084 Y0.363
N35 X-0.232 Y0.339

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