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Setting Spindle 0 on novaturn

Posted: Wed 14 Oct , 2020 19:19 pm
by MadeForThat
I am interested in setting a point that the spindle will always return to when stopping, using the hardware on the machine, is this a possibility? So for transparency, I am considering making a device to automatically unlock a manual chuck, pull a bar forward, and then lock it once again. I have toyed with the idea of mounting a pneumatic chuck on this, but the cost of that, along with no pass through means that I would still need to come up with some kind of automatic loader. If the machine is capable of this, I assume there is a certain code to control it. Alternatively I am considering a far less elegant solution involving a "controlled crash" where the spindle is stalled in a known location, and then the square spindle key is inserted. This could be done as the spindle is spinning down with a bit of careful timing, but I don't like the idea of any impact being put on the bearings like that. Any thoughts on a way to accomplish this would be entertained!

Re: Setting Spindle 0 on novaturn

Posted: Fri 16 Oct , 2020 11:19 am
by Martin
The spindle has an encoder fitted to it but that will only read the relative position.

When the motor is asked to stop it just decelerates at a given ramp & stops. It could be anywhere so you would need to stall it somehow.

Re: Setting Spindle 0 on novaturn

Posted: Tue 20 Oct , 2020 7:41 am
by MadeForThat
That's kinda what I suspected, I think it might be reasonable to stall on any of the 3 jaws, as there will be a corresponding key hole no mater what jaw is hit. I think I will try to code it to reduce to the lowest non stall speed it can accommodate, then cut power and jog in the stalling device. Alternatively I could add a motor to orientate the spindle without mechanical braking, but it starts to get awfully complex. Maybe a through spindle collet closer is a better solution, as orientation isn't important for anything but the key. It quickly starts to make sense why tooling is so damn expensive hahaha