VR Milling V5 X axis in wrong direction

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VR Milling V5 X axis in wrong direction

Post by Mechiboy » Fri 10 May , 2024 3:02 am

It is probably a setup problem. I am doing F1 in schools with the 4 Axis Attachment. I have set the datum point and the axis part up. When I run the machine it goes to the datum and prints to the right rather then the left where the mechanism is set up.
Do I need to flip something in the software or change the GCODE? It worked fine until I had to reinstall on a new computer.
Thanks in advance.

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Re: VR Milling V5 X axis in wrong direction

Post by MAX THE MILLER » Mon 13 May , 2024 13:58 pm


Set up.
Set up machine parameters.
(Password is "denny").
Look at the parameter Motor Direction X.
Change 0 to 1, or 1 to 0 depending on what you see.

You may have to close and open VR Milling for the change to take effect.

Suggest machining fresh air to check whether this worked!


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Re: VR Milling V5 X axis in wrong direction

Post by Martin » Mon 13 May , 2024 15:01 pm

In QuickCAM Pro when you get the CNC file Output make sure you have ticked "Select to produce files for manufacture on a 4th axis Rotatry Fixture" before you export the file.

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Re: VR Milling V5 X axis in wrong direction

Post by Steve » Tue 14 May , 2024 13:35 pm

As martin says the files are produces in Quick Cam pro with the back of the car at the left and with the Rotary fixture you have the back of the car on the right. You have to add a mirror in X command to make it cut right to left with the origin on the RH end.
If using Car Wizard you can output to the 4th axis and it will add the mirror comands by default.

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