Can Software Licences be transfered?

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Can Software Licences be transfered?

Post by Steve » Fri 03 Sep , 2021 11:45 am

As each Software Product is personalised by the Registration Disk contained in it, such a transfer can only be performed under the following conditions:

This can only be done by the registered owner of the software.

You must transfer all of the Software Product, except your personalised Registration Disk, to the third party.

The transfer must include the media and printed materials, any upgrades and, if the Software Product is an upgrade, all prior versions of the Software Product.

You must retain no copies of the Software Product.

You must return to Denford a physical copy of the Registration Disk and a statement to confirm all installations of the software have been deleted and that you give up all rights to its use.

Supply full details of the third party.

Denford will then supply the new user with a security key on payment of an administration fee.

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