QuickCAM PRO v1.23 released 14th June 2021

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QuickCAM PRO v1.23 released 14th June 2021

Post by Denford Admin » Mon 14 Jun , 2021 12:21 pm

QuickCAM PRO v1.23 released 14th June 2021

Two bug fixes :

1. If a car was first modelled with axle holes, those axle holes would not be reset and carried over into the next model, even if it wasn't a car. Axle holes will now always reset themselves.

2. If the 4th rotary fixture on the CNC file output page was hidden initially by not modelling a car, and then a car was modelled, the option would not always appear. It will now always appear if a car is being modelled.

Check here to download the latest version:
http://www.denfordata.com/downloads/qui ... ov1_23.zip

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