Some tips if your 3D prints go wrong...

Help with the hardware and software of the PP3DP UP! 3D Printer

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Some tips if your 3D prints go wrong...

Post by Denford Admin » Tue 13 Nov , 2012 11:07 am

To help make sure the model sticks to the platform:
1. Clean the board with Acetone and avoid getting fingerprints on the board.
2. There is no need to clean out the holes in the perforated board as the next model sticks well to the ABS left in the holes. Just make sure the board is scraped flat.
3. Pre-heat the bed before starting the print for at least 10 minutes
4. Get the nozzle as close as possible to the platform (video here:
5. Make sure the platform is as level as possible so the nozzle remains at the same height across the board
6. There are other materials which you can print on to help platform adhesion: Kapton tape, Glass sheets, Acrylic sheets, Blue painter's masking tape
7. If not already fitted, adjustable "wind barrier" designs are available to print and fit to the machine. Normally keep the wind deflector closed (ie not blowing over the platform) while printing the first layers, then open the deflector to allow wind to cool the model as it is being printed. To get the latest spare parts, install the latest version of the UP! software from here: ... ry&catid=1
And you will find 3D spare part models in this directory: C:\Program Files\UP\Example

Getting a Birds nest print can be caused by a mis-feed of the filament through the extruder. If the ABS stops feeding for a while then one or two layers of the model are missed, when it starts feeding again the ABS has nothing to stick to and creates a pile of "spaghetti"
1. Take the extruder apart and clean the feed gear (video clip here:
2. Use genuine ABS filament...filament which is not supplied by pp3dp has different properties and usually melts or goes soft at a lower temperature. If the filament gets soft around the extruder gear then it can grind the away at the material and stop it feeding through.
3. PLA is not ideally suited for the UP! printers, although it is supported in the software there is no official PLA material which is known to work without problem. Other users do use it but have generally had to modify the machine to improve on cooling the model and the extruder.
4. The print nozzle may have a blockage. Ideally you can replace it with a new one, or try soaking in Acetone for 24 hours then cleaning it out (try not to use anything abrasive which may cause the hole to widen)
5. Make sure the extruder motor fan is working effectively.
6. Earthing and electrical interference issues at certain locations (eg the PC is connected to a different mains to the printer) have been known to cause strange behavior of the printers. Try disconnecting the USB cable once it has started printing - the printer stores it's instructions on an internal SD card so will continue printing when disconnected from the PC software.
7. Check the SD card is clean and inserted correctly (this is probably best left until last if all other checks haven't improved things)
8. If the printer continues to act strangely then it may be worth asking for a replacement motherboard.

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Re: Some tips if your 3D prints go wrong...

Post by Sophia0110 » Thu 02 Feb , 2023 7:13 am

Thanks for the tips! Does it work for all 3D printers? I have a Creality, does it help?

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