Senior mill - denford colour

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Senior mill - denford colour

Post by diverjohn46 » Sat 03 Dec , 2022 14:01 pm

Hi Guys,
I'm in the middle of making a heavier duty vertical head for my Senior Mill, and I'd like to paint in in a matching colour. But...... the mill is painted in the Denford 'turquoise' rather than the more common Senior Green.
Does anyone have a paint reference for the colour that was used for the late senior machines in what was at the time the denford house colour?

Andy B
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Re: Senior mill - denford colour

Post by Andy B » Thu 08 Dec , 2022 22:13 pm

Hi John,
I was told by someone at Denford (a few years back) that the Denford blue was a mix specific to them, and I've never seen a reference or spec for it. So I think you're stuck with finding a paint supplier that can do colour matches, or finding the nearest RAL or BS colour.
Had the same problem with matching the 1980's Meddings hammer finish recently on a pillar drill.


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