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ATC Question

Post by Manny » Sun 17 Jan , 2021 11:51 am

HI I have a starmill PC with a atc. The carousel is all working fine .The question I have when trying to bring the carousel it is very slow and intermittent does not come in all, and some time stops and starts, when its going it it fly's out with force, I suspect this may be due to the pressure being to great from the compressor, set at 2 bar to see if I could get the carousel in movement working. I noticed that when the air is being directed to the inlet for the in movement the one nearest the carousel it is leaking air , quite a bit, around where the rod slides in and am i right in say this should not be leaking air. looking at the drawing its is Cylinder ENOTS 60-152-01-0160 55501451v.

If its not meant to be and I suspect this is the case, does anyone have any idea of a suitable replacement and or how I can service repair the get spares for the pneumatic cylinder


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