Replacement motors

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Replacement motors

Post by terry1956 » Wed 20 Oct , 2021 9:34 am

Hi, I need to replace the original axis motors with new ones. The size of the original motor cases look like the replacement size would be nema34. However the problem is that the original motor shaft size is 9.5mm O/D and the only nema 34 motors I can find here in the uk are 8 wire motors. However I need 4 wire motors. So my questions are, 1. Does anyone know a motor that is a direct fit available in the uk. And 2. Is it possible to run a 8 wire motor on just 4 wires, if so how much power would I lose. Thanks.

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Re: Replacement motors

Post by Steve » Wed 20 Oct , 2021 14:13 pm

What machine are you running? The router 2600 has always been a 1/4" shaft?

All the steppers are 8 wire motors then connected in either series or parallel. If the motor is driven from the drive denstep then 2 A so series connection if a 4A stepper drive parallel.

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