Mirac PC toolchanger repair

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Mirac PC toolchanger repair

Post by KBrown » Sun 16 Mar , 2014 17:19 pm

Afternoon all, but mainly FAO Denford technical help

I have a Mirac PC lathe, which i have had converted to Mach3.

Recently the tool changer hasn't been locking back correctly.

the ATC unlocks, indexes to the correct tool, but then when the ATC draws back in i have to rest a finger on the rotating bit and guide the head back in (2mm or so in either direction
when the head starts to rotate i can feel a very light knock, which i think is maybe a little backlash of the worm gear which then causes he head to rotate past the point of where the head castleations would interlock

FAO denford technical
i rang and asked if you can help fix, and you needed to know tha make of the ATC

I have uploaded a video to youtube for ease of understanding what is happening.



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Re: Mirac PC toolchanger repair

Post by Martin » Sun 16 Mar , 2014 21:36 pm

Try adjusting the rotary position switch.

Also you could try to slow down the forward speed.

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