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Techsoft 2D design and Denford Extension FAQ's

Posted: Thu 25 Jan , 2007 15:37 pm
by Denford Admin
Here are some older FAQs to do with Techsoft version 1 and the Denford Extension

The latest Denford VR Milling software does not rely on Techsoft, or any other CAD package, in order to create G-code programs, as it is able to import DXF or DWG files directly.

You can now download the Denford Extension for Techsoft 2D here:

Its an 11Mb Zip file which includes an instructional video

Posted: Thu 25 Jan , 2007 15:40 pm
by Denford Admin
Q: I cannot save my file as a Denford file (.FNC)
To export the file you must use the File > Plot option.

Q: When 'plotting' to a Denford machine (link), 2D Design shows an error similar to
'C:\DENFORD\DATA\GENERIC.GNC contains an invalid path'

Check to see that your hard drive holds a denford folder and the denford folder contains a subfolder named
data. (C:\DENFORD\DATA). If needed, manually create the folders so the path does exist.
To do this create a folder called C:\DENFORD and then create C:\DENFORD\DATA. Alternatively
you can edit the 2DDES.INI file specifying a different path (the best way to find out more about changing
the settings in 2ddes.ini file is to view the Help screens in the Techsoft program. Click on the Find tab and
type in 'Denford' for the search text. This should show you the Denford Link topic.)

Q: Plotting to the Denford Router (link) shows the error "Line should start with a keyword"
The file C:\DENFORD\MACHLIST.INI has an incorrect entry.
The line that reads...
MicroRouter (metric)=d:\denford\config\fanucm.ini
should read...
MicroRouter (metric)=c:\denford\config\fanucm.ini

Q. When I go to plot and pick my Denford machine, then click ok, it comes up
with an error: "can't find the denlcall.exe file"

Reinstall the Post Processor CD-ROM making sure to install the program
to the C:\DENFORD folder.
For Network Users...
If you are installing onto a network, check that the Denford section in the WIN.INI points to the
correct drive. For example,
[Denford Machine Tools]

You can also download the latest denlcall here:

Posted: Wed 16 Jan , 2008 10:33 am
by Denford Admin
Some other relevant info:

A problem has been identified when using TechSoft 2D Design with Denford Extensions on a network.
The problem related to the user wanting to specify seperate directories for the main TechSoft application (with read-only rights) and users data files (with read-write rights).
A new DENLCALL.EXE file has been released that overcomes this problem. All future shipments of TechSoft 2D Design with the Denford extension will have this updated file. This updated file can be obtained here:
Technical Information
To specify a new destination directory for the CNC Data files generated by the Denford Extension, add the following entry to the 2DDES.INI file located in the TechSoft 2D Design application directory
See the TechSoft 2D Design help file for more information about the location of its Drawing Data Files
The location of DENLCALL.EXE and DENLANG.DLL is still specified by the following entry in WIN.INI
[Denford Machine Tools]

Re: Techsoft 2D design and Denford Extension FAQ's

Posted: Tue 21 Jun , 2011 17:45 pm
by jpubmail
I handed a new version of 2D Design lately for the Head of Technology. They have had it apparently since May, even though they knew we were creating new images for their room in June.

I see that it looks like the registration disc is still on a floppy as well. I wondered if anyone had deployed this through GPO.
Does it come with msi or does it need a repackage. (I have not physically looked at the discs yet)
If it does deploy somehow what do you think will happen to the current version on the PC?

I get an horrible feeling that a new RIS image is coming on, or should say 2 new RIS has Technology have two types of PC

Re: Techsoft 2D design and Denford Extension FAQ's

Posted: Wed 22 Jun , 2011 8:37 am
by Denford Admin
It's not something any of us here have any experience with - you're better off asking Techsoft

Re: Techsoft 2D design and Denford Extension FAQ's

Posted: Mon 05 Aug , 2019 17:22 pm
by Wainecaplin
Hi trying to install post presses it says it's done but I dont get the option in the video any ideas