Including a centre drill hole in the design

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Including a centre drill hole in the design

Post by emersok » Thu 12 Oct , 2023 16:32 pm

I want to include a centre drill hole at the end of the piece I am designing which I can then use on a manual lathe to bore a hole. I've tried including a 2mm hole in the end of the piece. I have a centre drill enabled but the centre drill operation is not included in the simulation? I also am finding the editing of a design tricky using QuickTURN 2D. The quickstart in help does not really cover the basics of editing an existing drawing.

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Re: Including a centre drill hole in the design

Post by Steve » Fri 13 Oct , 2023 12:16 pm

The center drill has a 2mm tip but 5mm shank so to be used the hole must be drawn as 5mm.

If you set the depth to 2mm it will only use the start of the centre drill.

It would then use the 5mm drill to drill 2mm deep also unless you dissablesd it in the tool library.

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