Cam Wizard not specifying roughing cuts.

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Cam Wizard not specifying roughing cuts.

Post by MAX THE MILLER » Tue 12 Oct , 2021 19:28 pm

I've used Quick TURN 2D Design to import the attached file dome.dwg which is a simple dome or bell shape. Quick TURN 2D Design converts this to a .lcm file which I can't attach here as I get an invalid file extension error. When I use the Cam Wizard to generate GCode from the .lcm the file dome.fnl is produced, but it doesn't specify any roughing cuts. As a result the machine tries to make very deep profiling cuts and would stall were I not quick on the Emergency Stop Button.

By contrast when GCode is produced from the file lathesteps.dwg the resulting .fnl file does specify roughing cuts.

The only tool selected is the RH Turning combined roughing and finishing tool which is all that's needed. Roughing cuts for aluminium are specified as 1.2mm and finishing cuts as 0.25mm.

Is this a problem with the software or am I doing something wrong.

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