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If you feel like suggesting anything we could be doing better, or if you think we have done something great, then let us know here.

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More support

Post by Suggy » Thu 24 Dec , 2020 10:28 am

Can I suggest the staff at Denford are more active on your (this) site I'm reading a lot off posts with no answers

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Re: More support

Post by TDIPower » Thu 24 Dec , 2020 17:55 pm

The forum was set up for them not us, they originally used it to keep a log of problems they faced so they could go back to it, it developed into this. They do it in their free time, not a paid position. When you think about it most people come on here wanting something for nothing (help/advise) rather than to spend money, if you want that you call them and pay for the support. A lot of stuff on here has long been out of production too.
You should try talking to Boxford about their kit, they won't even talk to you if you aren't an education establishment and don't support 2nd hand machines sold on to non education establishments and you can't buy their software either. This is why boxford kit gets gutted and Mach3 conversions.

I was frustrated when i started on here years ago until I found out the above. The fact they freely put up drawings, wiring diagrams and also come on and offer help now and then is brilliant, it's more kept alive by those of us who have used the machines and found things out or have ideas about what we want to do with the machines.


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Re: More support

Post by Steve » Wed 30 Dec , 2020 8:08 am

As Pete has said the forum was set up as a place where users can get free support and information.
We do not charge for the service and try to help where we can.
I have read back through some of your unanswered posts and think that the questions are too vague and are not easy to answer.
Denford hold chargeable training courses for machines and software products. I think most of your questions would be answered if you attended one of these.

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