Denford S/W & H/W architecture

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Denford S/W & H/W architecture

Post by robertpearce4 » Sat 12 Aug , 2017 19:20 pm

Hi Guys,
Being totally new to CNC, millers, Denford machines, I have yet to drop on a basic overview of the S/W & hardware aspects of my newly acquired March 1999 TRIAC VMC miller. Original installed S/W 2.102. Is there a post or Board on your Forum that covers the basics or an overview?

(i) Is there any historical information about what millers used what S/W when?
(ii) What S/W is needed to run my/any miller, sitting on DOS ver? Denford Licence info required? Supporting drivers?
(iii) Does the miller need Mint S/W or some other CNC interpreter or App?
(iv) What hardware converts the CNC interpreted commands (raw data?) into digital drive commands for the servo drivers?
(v) When was MS Win95, 98, XP etc first used.......?
(vi) Is there a upgrade path for Denford machines using Denford S/W?

I realise 1999 was a long time ago..................Can you help please?

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