Denford Viceroy TDS 1/2 PCS

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Hardware/Software: Denford Viceroy TDS 1/2 PCS Metric

Denford Viceroy TDS 1/2 PCS

Post by steve1963 » Tue 07 Feb , 2017 16:40 pm

I'm new to the forum but need some advice. I recently purchased a Viceroy Lathe from Ebay, but unfortunately for me I entrusted the delivery to Shiply. I wont bore you with the long story but they managed to drop the lathe on its front, this has cracked and distorted the end panel which I have removed and attempted to straighten, also the tool cross slide handle was snapped off along with the apron handwheel. I have managed to change both of these, and the endstock was snapped off as well, this also has been repaired.
The problem I have now is that the apron handwheel is very stiff, almost un turnable, I cant see any damage but was wandering what I should check next, I have oiled and greased everything, but can't seem to fathom out why the handwheel operation is so hard, Its my first lathe since using one as an apprentice back in the 70's and as yet I haven't even switched it on for fear of causing further damage to the slide wheel.
Is there something obvious that could have happened, or can anyone suggest a step by step guide to see if I am doing something wrong, or I have in advertantly locked the spindle or something???
Bit miffed at the minute

Thanks in advance


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Hardware/Software: Denford Viceroy TDS1/2P.C.S Metric
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Re: Denford Viceroy TDS 1/2 PCS

Post by Pzy » Mon 11 Nov , 2019 23:25 pm

I realise that I'm replying to a very old post, but did you ever get this sorted?

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