CNC 2600 Pro Router Manuals?

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CNC 2600 Pro Router Manuals?

Post by jrusso » Sun 08 Sep , 2013 21:17 pm

I am a high school teacher in Beaumont, California, USA. I have taken over a high school engineering program that has a CNC 2600 Pro Router and I have had very little experience with CNC machines. The old instructor has no idea where the installation and instruction manuals are and is less than helpful when it comes to "training". I know there is going to be a steep learning curve this year with the machine. I would like to have something to reference before I start calling in with problems or confusion.

I would like to request a PDF copy or a link to access these manuals so I can get the machine up and running and so I can use them when I run into issues. Thank You.

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Re: CNC 2600 Pro Router Manuals?

Post by angel-tech » Sun 08 Sep , 2013 23:21 pm

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