Micro DNC 2 - rs232 working on denford Cyclone OTB

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Micro DNC 2 - rs232 working on denford Cyclone OTB

Post by Dangle_kt » Sat 21 Dec , 2019 17:14 pm

I bought a little rs232 drip feeder for an older Haas VF0 I recently bought, figured I'd try it on my denford cyclone.
Using the standard cable I plugged it in and stuck it to the machine (3 large magnets hold it on)it takes power from the rs233 connecter.
Fires up and after reading a warning on here about loosing parameters using transfer I figured I'd back them up first.
Changed baud rate to 4800 and went to the parameters and sent them, boom, it worked!

Next I sent a simple programme, and again, worked fantastic.i haven't tried drip feeding yet, but pretty excited it worked.

I can now load files from fusion onto a thumb drive and into the lathe, which is loads better than hand coding everything at the machine.

Not bad for £170 shipped from Thailand

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