Denford Viceroy knock-off trigger concept

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Denford Viceroy knock-off trigger concept

Post by dazz » Wed 27 Mar , 2019 10:48 am

The carriage on the Denford Viceroy features a knock-off mechanism that can be used when threading up to a shoulder. When the bar is pushed by the stop, it knocks off the half nuts.

The problem with this mechanism is that the exact knock-off point is not well defined. The knock-off is more like a slow push. Also lots of use will probably wear the half-nuts. A significant improvement would be a mechanism that snaps open the half nuts in a way that is precise and repeatable. It also needs to be easy to reset. I like to make this sort of retrofit look like it was factory fitted. That means no obvious levers or other stuff that looks like a hack.

I have come up with the attached concept. It is based on the trigger mechanism of a sniper rifle. It uses the existing knock-off bar. When activated, the mechanism will snap open the half nuts. It will fit between the apron and the bed, so no obvious bits to see. I just haven't made it yet. I have too many projects on the go to start this one. Someone might find this useful.
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