Viceroy T.D.S 1/1 G.B - All finished

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Re: Viceroy T.D.S 1/1 G.B - All finished

Post by Hans » Tue 07 Nov , 2017 14:56 pm

Thanks Dazz,

I'm abroad at the moment, so will check this our when I'm home

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Re: Viceroy T.D.S 1/1 G.B - All finished

Post by Pzy » Sat 09 Nov , 2019 12:05 pm

dazz wrote:
Thu 22 Jul , 2010 12:07 pm

No I didn't find a reference to adjust the bearing pre-load. I devised my own method which is documented on another topic. The worst you can do is wreck the bearings. They are used on Cessna undercarriage and are readily available in Akld.

The lathe came with an extra cross slide with Tee slots. It looks a lot like the Myford version. It is not as big as the Denford boring table, but entirely adequate.


Hello, Daz. Do you have any photos of the "extra cross slide" in place / in use? I'm unsure how this would work and would be interested to see. Many thanks.

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Re: Viceroy T.D.S 1/1 G.B - All finished

Post by dazz » Sun 10 Nov , 2019 18:32 pm

The extra cross slide is just a copy of the factory one but with Tee slots. It is a lot like a Myford version but scaled up. Nothing special.
I have never had it mounted on the lathe. Never needed to use it.


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