Denford Orac running LinuxCNC

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Denford Orac running LinuxCNC

Post by Boris » Wed 16 Mar , 2022 12:35 pm

Hi All,

For sale is a Denford Orac lathe project that has been converted to LinuxCNC. Started as a lockdown project but a new baby means I don't have the space or time to complete and use it.

Mechanically the lathe is in great condition with little signs or wear or corrosion. There is a small PC running LinuxCNC through a Mesa 7i96 boards. Both axes are working with the original motors and CW8060 drivers. An omron encoder is fitted and displays the spindle RPM driven by a new VFD. Estop and power switches all fitted and working through linuxCNC.

Left to do is connect the limit switch wiring to the 7i96 and connect the PWM-Analogue spindle RPM board (included) which won't take long. It's my first LinuxCNC project so it takes me days to update the HAL and INI files correctly. But it is just the limit switches and Spindle RPM control that need coding and it will be a functional lathe. If I were keeping it my plan was to then replace the front panel, install a touch screen and possibly replace the VFD for a higher quality version.

Also included are a small collection of tooling, collets and steadies as pictured. Collection from Dorchester, Dorset. Looking for £1,200.
Any questions please let me know. Cheers, Lee
processed-f167582f-cb2d-4705-a425-0bb0076be531_NrWBpRcK.jpeg (921.78 KiB) Viewed 849 times
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Re: Denford Orac running LinuxCNC

Post by Boris » Sat 26 Mar , 2022 22:08 pm

Hi all,

Lathe still available. I'm not very knowledgeable with these things so am struggling to put a price on it. It's priced around what I paid for it and what I've spent on parts. Would accept £900 or would possibly consider a swap for a manual lathe if anyone was interested.


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Re: Denford Orac running LinuxCNC

Post by ifor1966 » Wed 03 Aug , 2022 14:11 pm

Is the Orac still available?

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