Viceroy tds top slide

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Viceroy tds top slide

Post by Tally47 » Thu 06 Jan , 2022 14:36 pm

Hi folks, the top slide casting has broken on my Viceroy tds lathe where the tool holder fits.
Does anyone have one for sale? Or any experience in making a new one?
Is it possible to fit something from a different machine?

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Re: Viceroy tds top slide

Post by Pete. » Sat 08 Jan , 2022 16:57 pm

If it's the upturned taper cone that's broken away you could effect a temporary repair by drilling through and bolting from below with countersunk screws, unless it's torn a hole. My first lathe was an atlas that has been crashed and repaired in this fashion. It was still like it when I sold it on.

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