Introduction of a seldom version of Viceroy 280 VS

If you've had enough of reading, then look at these pictures of the "good" old days. Machine brochures, magazines etc..

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Hans J Cyranski
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Introduction of a seldom version of Viceroy 280 VS

Post by Hans J Cyranski » Fri 25 Aug , 2017 11:54 am

Hi Guys and fans of the old Viceroy 280 VS Lathe.
As a model engineer, in 1984 I bought a brand-new Viceroy 280 VS Lathe, with the down-drive block mounted in the cabinet and manual variable speed control by hand-wheel and long bed. Metric Version, with long bed length of 1 meter between centers.
I will try to add a copy of the brochure with general view.

I use it now since more than 30 years and it looks and works like new.
Even the headstock bearings are in good condition, run out on the main spindle is still around 1/100 mm.
Unfortunately the machine came with a wrong set of drawings. The drawings show the details
of the machine with the drive unit behind the head stock and Joy-Stick for the variable speed.
Also, the date of manufacture is not mentioned. I guess around 1981 ? Serial No. 24917

This machine is a mix of metric and imperial screw threads.
Now I am thinking about replacing the Crosslide and Compound Nuts and Spindles. I have no detail drawings of these parts and they are not easy to find, the Trapez Threads are unusual:
1/2" dia x 2,5mm.

My question to the forum would be:
If somebody has the correct set of general drawings of this machine version, especially of the downdrive block, cabinet and Headstock arrangement ( the rest is identical ), could I get a copy of them?
Also detail drawings of the above mentioned spindles and nuts? Or even better a source where I can purchase spare parts?

If somebody is interested, I can try to post pictures and/or drawings of my machine....

Hope somebody can help me.
Thanks and Regards
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Re: Introduction of a seldom version of Viceroy 280 VS

Post by Pete. » Fri 25 Aug , 2017 18:29 pm

The cross slide screw is indeed 1/2" diameter 2.5mm pitch. They simply changed the inch screw's pitch from 10tpi to 2.5mm to make it a metric screw.

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Re: Introduction of a seldom version of Viceroy 280 VS

Post by Lavina579 » Thu 18 Apr , 2019 11:03 am

Amazing Post!!!

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