QuickCam 3D VR milling v5 on Triac fanuc OM-B

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Hardware/Software: Model : Triac fanuc
Machine Serial No : E0 3543
Orginal customer : Bachke Maskin
Order No 3415
control supplier : Fanuc
Model : 0M-B
serial no : 8060460
Software version 0415-09

QuickCam 3D VR milling v5 on Triac fanuc OM-B

Post by bjornove » Tue 24 Feb , 2015 22:37 pm


i am having bit of a headache with a old Triac Fanuc- OM-B machine from 1988ish.
i have tried using EdgeCam to send cnc codes, but i seems that the post processor ain't right. it says that i am using a wrong code.
tried sevreal driffrent set ups, but haven't got any further.

so what i am wondering about now is:
1.Will Quickcam 3D work with this machine, just plug it in and be on my way
2. how expensive is quickcam
3. will i need both quick cam and vr milling v5, can i just use one of them and wich is best
4.does VR milling v5 work with triac fanuc OM-B, how much does it cost

Big thanks

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Re: QuickCam 3D VR milling v5 on Triac fanuc OM-B

Post by Steve » Tue 03 Mar , 2015 11:28 am

QuickCAM 3d is no longer supplied.

QuickCAM 2D may work as the codes used are Fanuc based.

VR Milling would not be suitable for running a Fanuc machine.

If you wanted a 3D Cam Package QuickCAM PRO should work.

You may have an issue as the programs created can be quite large and may not fit in the memory of the machine.

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