Quickcam 3D Milling software not on the C drive

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Quickcam 3D Milling software not on the C drive

Post by bradders » Fri 05 Oct , 2007 6:29 am

I am trying to install Quickcam 3D Milling software into a school computer classroom.

It does work, but I am having an issue with the default directories(folders) that the software is defaulting to for the installation of the example files. It places the example files in the C:\my documents area.

In the classroom we use polices to deny the students access to the C:\ drive all together. This helps prevent them from deleting out system files and doing untold software damage to the PC. Which in turn means less problems for me as I am the only IT person in the College looking after the entire site.

Is it possible for me to change the default directories for the model and image examples and place them somewhere else? I have looked in the .ini file and it only allows me to change the default directory for the textures. I would like to change it for the 3D Models, F1 and Images folders so that they point to a common network drive for the students.

Can you tell me how to make this adjustment in your software please.

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Post by Steve » Fri 05 Oct , 2007 8:05 am

While the files are installed in the folder in my documents/ Denford you can move them wherever you want so that they are accessable.

Files are saved to the location last used so once the students know the location of the folder the software will remember the last location used.

I dont think you can change the default location but I am sure ADMIN will confirm.

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Post by Denford Admin » Fri 05 Oct , 2007 9:27 am

As always - it would help to know what version we are talking about. There have been 2 major versions of QuickCAM 3D - or is it QuickCAM PRO ?

Steve is right - QuickCAM doesn't care where the example files are, and will remember the last location you opened a file from the next time you use it.

Regarding the install, then I'm sure that the installation script will be making a system call to return the actual location of "My Documents" (eg, CSIDL_PERSONAL).
Therefore, changing this is a network/system admin task, but would mean that the examples installed wherever you specified.

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