Advanced F1 CO2 car import / manufacturing guide USA

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Advanced F1 CO2 car import / manufacturing guide USA

Post by Denford Admin » Tue 28 Mar , 2006 14:37 pm

Steve has done a great tutorial on machining a CO2 car using QuickCAM 3D (standard or Pro)

View the PDF here: ... import.pdf
(Right click and save Target as to download it)
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Post by Steve » Tue 28 Mar , 2006 14:42 pm

This tutorial is written based on the US method of producing the CO2 cars.

In the UK the finished car is grafted to a template that orients the model bore to a block that is the billet size in Y and Z. As a result he model will always fit in the billet.

The US method can result in cars that do not fit the billet so they have to be positioned correctly within Quick CAM.

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