Major Crash Denford Cyclone cnc lathe

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Hardware/Software: I have a old Denford cyclone cnc lathe

Major Crash Denford Cyclone cnc lathe

Post by Arclaser » Mon 19 Jun , 2017 9:40 am

Well here we go , We had a major part crash over the weekend. Ended up shattering the casting the tool changer sits on and bending the lead screw.
part number AC.2/303A & AC.2/306.
Does anyone have any parts from a old machine working or not for sale.

Many thanks

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CNC Apprentice
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Hardware/Software: 2001 Cyclone with toolchanger and Fanuc 21i control
Serial number - H00913.
Voltage 415V F.L.C 20A 50Hz 3Ph

1997 Triac VMCwith toolchanger and Fanuc O-M control
Serial number - 70826B.
Voltage 415V F.L.C 30A 50Hz 3Ph

Re: Major Crash Denford Cyclone cnc lathe

Post by jamesgates1000 » Mon 28 Jan , 2019 9:52 am

Did you manage to get this sorted, I have just had the same thing happen...

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