Out of Warranty UP! mini - main board fault-finding / repair

Help with the hardware and software of the PP3DP UP! 3D Printer

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Out of Warranty UP! mini - main board fault-finding / repair

Post by nolly53 » Mon 14 Sep , 2015 23:05 pm

I am a retired teacher of Technology & Design in Northern Ireland. My old department has a Denford laser cutter and an UP! mini. I called into the old school and found that their out-of-warranty UP! mini is not working. Essentially the x axis is not moving. If the stepper motor from the x axis is connected to another axis instead, it moves, which narrows the fault down I guess to the electronics on the x axis section of the main board rather than the stepper motor.

The department has had its budget cut and can't afford a new 3D printer. I would like to look at the circuit board to see if I can spot the problem, which I know is unlikely. Are there any troubleshooting aids at circuit board level? Alternatively does anyone know of anyone who repairs these boards or a source of second-hand or refurbished boards? I am aware that the UP! is available world-wide and there are bound to be others who have had a similar experience, especially since so many machines will now be out of warranty.

I know that it is unlikely, but it is frustrating for the pupils who had anticipated being able to use the printer for their project work.

Any suggestions?


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Re: Out of Warranty UP! mini - main board fault-finding / re

Post by bradders » Tue 15 Sep , 2015 13:23 pm

Unfortunately we have no circuit diagrams for problem solving. We don't know of anyone who repairs these boards, but may be you have an electronics engineer / teacher in the Technology & Design areas who could take a look at it, as you seem to have proved, its the drive and not the stepper motor that seems faulty.

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