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Dummies guide

Posted: Tue 18 Dec , 2018 0:00 am
by vidio1
I'm looking for more info about running Dos software on my Mirac,

I was trying to run VRturn to no avail when it was suggested I try Dos software to see if it will at least connect.

I've download DosBox to run on my Win8.1 machine and have messed with it enough to get it working pretty easily.

I assumed the folder in the Dos legacy section of the Denford site marked would be the correct one, but I can't get the .exe file to do anything.

One of the problems I've run into is there are several files named "Mirac". I can see file types with the dir command, but can't seem to get anything to run.

Maybe someone who has actually got this to work will chime in. Is this the right folder? Is there anything else I need to do?

Re: Dummies guide

Posted: Tue 18 Dec , 2018 20:08 pm
by TDIPower
Don't think I've ever seen an idiots guide as such for any of the DOS software, much to my frustration when I was getting my Starturn up and running on DOS. I have put together links to info I could find from what I could remember when I was going through it.

The Generic DOS turning manual is here viewtopic.php?f=15&t=953&p=3108&hilit=generic+dos#p3108

This is the link to the DOS Mirac manual. viewtopic.php?f=40&t=3799

Ive put this one in as the second post has a series of links that tell you about config of the .go file and to use the normal QWERTY keyboard as I guess you don't have the tutor keyboard (its quite a long thread). viewtopic.php?f=9&t=2266&hilit=qdenford

This is a link to someone with a MIRAC that had issues setting up DOS viewtopic.php?f=40&t=5613&p=22562&hilit=dos#p22562

Someone who didn't have software and getting it up and running viewtopic.php?f=40&t=4864&p=19249&hilit=dos#p19249


Re: Dummies guide

Posted: Tue 18 Dec , 2018 20:33 pm
by TDIPower
This guy had a MIRAC with V1.47 on the box, he had issues with the RS232 set up but got things running using the DOS control.


Re: Dummies guide

Posted: Tue 18 Dec , 2018 23:28 pm
by vidio1
Thank you for the links, that gives me a lot to sift through during the Holidays. I wish there was a way to just skip the whole Dos end of this without swapping out the control board and drives to modern era items.

Re: Dummies guide

Posted: Wed 19 Dec , 2018 22:36 pm
by TDIPower
From what I can see it does look like you are on DOS control. Having run the DOS stuff it is fine and works well but I wanted to move on to windows based control and didn't fancy going down the route of Mach3. I would get it running on that and prove the machine for a while.

What would be good to find out is if you just need an eprom with a later version on to make it run the VR software or do you need to upgrade the control boards, I would PM Martin, as he will probably know, if it is a case of just getting a later eprom he may be able to source one, possibly old stock.