homing the machine microrouter v3

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mike dempsey
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homing the machine microrouter v3

Post by mike dempsey » Mon 26 Mar , 2018 14:36 pm

I have my microrouter up and running now after having my Nextstep board repaired. One of the problems when it wasn't working properly was that the z and y Axis numbers kept going up until they timed out. The Z axis is sitting at -1749.111 and the Y axis is at 103.746 for programme position when the machine is homed. How do I get both back to 0 without reinstalling Milling VR5.



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CNC Guru
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Re: homing the machine microrouter v3

Post by TDIPower » Mon 26 Mar , 2018 19:44 pm

Just confirm,
you can machine home the machine ok?
when at the machine home point it displays zeros for xyz?
when at the machine home point and then toggle the display to show the program position z is at -1749.111 and Y is at 103.746?

Have you tried sending the machine all the way to the left on x (machine 550), to the front on y (machine 270) and down 80mm (machine 80) in z (check you won't collide with anything)?
when at that position have you tried setting the xyz zeros as you would when you zero for the origin of a job?

I would have thought doing that would get it back into normality numbers.


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