Second Hand VR CNC Milling 5 software

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Second Hand VR CNC Milling 5 software

Post by james.miller » Wed 15 Nov , 2017 17:41 pm

I have just purchased a Denford Novamill second hand. They have given me the VR CNC Milling 5 software licence code CD and CNC machine control software Ver.5.46 CD. I suppose this software will be licensed to them at the moment. Should I have a unlock code separately to these discs (the CD box says to keep the unlock code in a secure place that's what is making me think that this is a separate thing to what I have. Is that right or is this included in the software licence code cd?). Is there anyway of swapping this licence over to me? Or would I need to just use it as registered to them? Will I still be able to get any software updates that are available if it's not licensed to me etc..?

Thanks for your help,
James Miller

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Re: Second Hand VR CNC Milling 5 software

Post by TDIPower » Fri 17 Nov , 2017 22:46 pm

The licence file unlocks the program. You can/should download the latest version from the main denford website and use the licence file on the disk you have to unlock it (make a back up of the file just in case you loose it some how.

I'm sure someone will post about the legality of the licence you now have but as you have the disks and the machine I would take it that you can now use it with out issue. The only thing you may not be able to access is direct support from denford, you will need to rely on us lot in the forum :)


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