What software do I need for Windows 10?

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What software do I need for Windows 10?

Post by MrGwilliam » Fri 15 Sep , 2017 15:05 pm


I've just started working at a secondary school and have a Denford microrouter in my room. I can tell from the information it was produced in 2006 and it has the F1 competition in school stickers on it. The school are running Windows 10 on site and I know it connects to the computer by usb. If it helps at all the bed of the router is vacuum suction.

Luckily we have the original install discs - they state windows Xp or 2000. Unfortunately my school do not support these platforms any longer. Does anybody know what software I need to operate this machinery? Plus where to find it.

The machinery could only have been used once or twice and it would be a shame to have replace.

If anyone could help it would be much appreciated.

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Re: What software do I need for Windows 10?

Post by TDIPower » Fri 15 Sep , 2017 22:19 pm

you don't say what software or versions you have however vr5 will do it (you prob have vr2 with it saying xp/2000), somewhere on here there is a list of all versions and compatibility with different OS.

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