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Setting boring bar tool offset.

Posted: Sat 11 Mar , 2017 1:54 am
by TDIPower
Hi I'm just at the point of setting up a boring bar in my Starturn 5 which is DOS controlled.

I have everything else set up no problem following the instruction from P50 in this PDF viewtopic.php?f=15&t=953

I am however unsure as to how I need to set up the for the boring bar in X (Z will be just touch the faced of end of piece in chuck).

Can anyone shed some light. It can't be that hard.

for setting the drill its touch the side of the drill on a known dia mounted in the chuck and input the Dia of the material and the dia of the drill added together eg 25+5 = 30mm. which will give a value around of around -150 (distance from centre of ATC to work piece centre).
So given that all tools mounted on in the round holes in the ATC will have the same centre, drills will all be the same in X. I know my boring bar is 5mm off centre. Would I need to change the offset from -150 to -145 or to -155? OR do I need to tell it Its 10mm so it would become -140 or -160.

Or do I drill a hole and touch the boring bar on the inside surface and input that figure?

Many thanks


Re: Setting boring bar tool offset.

Posted: Mon 20 Mar , 2017 17:04 pm
by TDIPower
I applied the same approach as the drill but going past the centre of the job to the other side and seem to have it set up as the tip looks to be on the job centre when at X = 0


Re: Setting boring bar tool offset.

Posted: Wed 22 Mar , 2017 14:55 pm
by Steve
Either set up the tool on an internal bore if you can or the simple way is to set it at the outside diameter of the bar and set it there.

Then fine tune by boring a diameter then in the offset window click on the vernier symbol and enter the programmed and measured diameters so it corrects automatically.