2D Design V:1.26

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Re: 2D Design V:1.26

Post by Gcodeman » Tue 14 Feb , 2017 18:38 pm

Hi. Pete.
Back when God was a boy and I ran an eight station turret on a Colchester 2000 lathe I always set tools thus:
T01 Rough
T03 Finish
T05 External Screw cutting
T07 Part
T02 Spot Centre (not centre drill as the pilot is prone to snapping)
T04 Drill (stub rather than jobber)
T06 Bore
T08 Screw cut
I found that apart from changing the drill size I could do just about any straight forward turning job using eight tools. If you use a 'dog bone' type parting insert you can front and back turn as well as parting, giving you nine tool positions I wouldn't go with a drill chuck if you don't have to, rather an ER16 collet chuck which holds drills up to 10mm. In fact I bought a chuck on a 16mm shank and a set of eight collets from Aliexpress on Friday for £19.0 including postage from Hong Kong. I buy all the tooling from China as you can't fault the quality or the price these days.
Have fun.

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Re: 2D Design V:1.26

Post by TDIPower » Tue 14 Feb , 2017 23:18 pm

Cheers for the heads up on Aiexpress, I could get lost looking through that lot!!

Ive not got a bog bone, mine has the tips you just push in. I like the idea of the ER16 holder. Need to check the dia of the holes in the ATC
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