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Mint files and Workbench guide

Posted: Thu 03 Dec , 2009 10:23 am
by Denford Admin
Some info to help you understand the Baldor mint file system and how it all works with our software:

The Mint program is stored as a text file:
MACHINE-NAME.mnt or MACHINE-NAME.52xx.mnt for Green 7-segment LED Baldor boards
MACHINE-NAME.55xx.mnt for latest Orange 7-seg led Baldor
These text files are the source code for the machine logic.

Mint Machine Centre (Workbench) can open the .mnt files and compile them into .mex files...
MACHINE-NAME.52xx.mex for Green 7 boards
MACHINE-NAME.55xx.mex for Orange 7

Workbench can be installed from VR Milling or VR Turning CD's

The VR software will automatically pick the correct .mex file according to type of Baldor connected to, and the machine name you have selected in the VR software.
This .mex file is then downloaded to the Baldor every time you connect to the machine in the VR software (When you see the erasing flash...Downloading message)