Any suggestions for a CAD file viewer?

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Mr Magoo
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Any suggestions for a CAD file viewer?

Post by Mr Magoo » Fri 18 Sep , 2009 6:34 am

In particuar I am looking for a TurboCAD (.TCW) file viewer

Oh.. and free :lol:

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Re: Any suggestions for a CAD file viewer?

Post by el$syd » Fri 18 Sep , 2009 12:32 pm

This company offers what I think may be a well featured 2D CAD, I am learning to use it at the moment! But it does not appear to have .TCW extension capability. However it is free so if you can get your TurboCad drawings into DXF or DWG you may be able to use it.

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Re: Any suggestions for a CAD file viewer?

Post by Denford Admin » Mon 21 Sep , 2009 10:35 am

Found this while trying to find out if eDrawings (Solidworks free 2D CAD) had a plugin for TurboCAD:

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Re: Any suggestions for a CAD file viewer?

Post by jaycambridge » Thu 20 Oct , 2016 11:45 am


I'm fairly new to CNC, as in I've only ever used a microrouter with techsoft 2D design. Is there a "best" design software that you guys use?

I have just acquired a Microrouter from a school and have 2D Design in place. (not that I can get my router working yet, RS232 issues, but I will!!!!)



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Re: Any suggestions for a CAD file viewer?

Post by TDIPower » Thu 20 Oct , 2016 21:17 pm

Hi Jay,

I use 2DDesign in school, it is great for 2D or 2.5D (following paths with varied depths) It is straight forward, has a great 'help' or Tutorial as it is designed for kids in schools I have been using it for 20yrs now! For importing into VR5 you just need any program that can export as DXF files really, .

If you fancy doing true 3d profiles you need something that can export as STL files which can then be imported in to QuickCAM Pro to work out the machining files for use with VR5. When machines like the Microrouter made a big move into schools the common program was Pro Desktop (baby version of Pro Engineer) long since superseded. You might be able to get Autodesk Inventor as they have been doing a 'free' version provided you can meet certain criteria (non commercial use etc).


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