Denford CAM software for MAC

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Denford CAM software for MAC

Post by Strebs » Wed 16 Sep , 2020 10:20 am

My school just bought a new Denford CNC Compact 1000. However I have a macbook air which limits me to what software I can use. Is Denford Software windows only? If so Is there any other way i can covert My Cad files to G-Code?

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Re: Denford CAM software for MAC

Post by TDIPower » Wed 16 Sep , 2020 21:00 pm

The school will need to have the software on the PC to control the machine, if you are talking about generating CAD files then wanting to post process them into G code then you can use the Denford software to do that but it is PC based. You can do the designs on any CAD software as long as you can export as STL, you can then import that into QuickCAM to post process into the G code. I would imagine the school will have QuickCAM set up with the tool library linked to VR Milling so that would enable you to select the tools available.
You could use Fusion 360 on your mac and get the denford post processor that some one did for it and use that BUT you will need to know what tooling you have so you can select it.

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