Cyclone ladder software

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Cyclone ladder software

Post by Lionelectric » Tue 11 Jun , 2019 12:55 pm

Hi all!
Customer purchased a Cyclone that had been modified in respect of removing the turret and replacing it with a single tool toolpost, why?, well who knows, but they got rid of the turret.
Customer then purchases an 8 station turret to put on it, but this turret had only a 24Vd.c. motor and 2 limits switches, 1 for the No.1 pocket and 1 for clamped.
Made a makeshift encoder with 8 reed switches & a magnet but may need to further that by adding a further 8, commoned out for the strobe signal.
The issue I have and don't know if it's possible but have set the turret parameters and set the parameter for 8 station, but the ladder doesn't see input 6#5, which is the No.8 I need to upgrade the ladder.....if so, where could I get a copy?

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Re: Cyclone ladder software

Post by Martin » Wed 12 Jun , 2019 10:08 am

Not sure on the ladder.

Is it set as an 8 station in the diagnostics?

Diagnostic 451 bit 1 = 1. (8 Station Toolpost).


Have you thought about setting it up as a Barrufaldi RH80. It only used a 8 position rotary switch & a clamp switch so no need for the strobe.

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