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Cyclone P

Post by sukyme » Mon 17 Jul , 2006 1:34 am

We are going to use Brass for our next project. Please give your advice the setting that should we set to machine. i.e spindle speed, speed ..etc

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Post by Denford Admin » Wed 19 Jul , 2006 22:48 pm

Sorry - it looks like no-one is going to answer !

Here are my thoughts:

Picking the correct feeds and speeds is a bit of a "black art" - I would go for the highest spindle speed you can (4000RPM?), and experiment a bit with the feedrate - program say 200mm/min and the feed override (0 to 150%) will give a good range to speed it up or slow it down.

The surface finish and chipping ability will also depend on how deep your cuts are and the type of tool tip your using

The only way to find out what works best is to give it a try on some old brass bar

Hope this helps in some way :wink:

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Post by Steve » Thu 20 Jul , 2006 13:21 pm

I agree, you probably want to set the spindle speed in manual mode to full speed (4000) then take some manual cuts. Roughing should be good at 2-3mm depth (Diameter) then set the feed to about 600mm/ min and turn down the feed override. Take a cut and turn up the override untill adjust the feedrate untillyou get a good cut. Record the value and then use that in program.

There is a document on the US website


This covers milling feeds and speeds but is relevant

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