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VR Robot CIM

Posted: Wed 05 Apr , 2006 15:18 pm
by dead_earthworm
Apologies if this subject has already been discussed. I had a quick flick through the site and I can't find anyone with the same problem but maybe I've missed something.

I'm installing VR Robot 1.26 onto Windows XP machines.

The initial installation works well and I can get as far as being able to run the software in Demo mode. BUT when I try to run the Flash Disk, the processor load shoots to 100% and crashes the install.

I presume this has to be a license problem as the software itself is working fine and we aren't having problems with the floppy drives.

Is anyone able to offer a workaround?


Posted: Wed 05 Apr , 2006 22:51 pm
by Denford Admin
There should be two files on the flash disk - depending on age of disk.
One is the actual text of your flash license, the other is an EXE which contains the flash code and will put it in the right place.
You should be able to take whatever is in the INI text file paste it into cim.ini

Also, try changing the entry NFDM (think this has been mentioned in another thread)

Posted: Thu 06 Apr , 2006 9:15 am
by dead_earthworm
I shall try that now and get back to you on whether it worked.