Software for Engraving on a sphere

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Software for Engraving on a sphere

Post by johnechall » Mon 12 May , 2014 10:12 am

Hi all,
Could anybody point me in the right direction.
I need to be able to engrave on the radius of a Gear Shift Knob.
I have a Triac using Mach3. I turned the knob on my Orac and engraved on
a flat surface ok, but would like to try engraving on a spherical surface.
I have downloaded Cambam but don't think this will do it.

Any recommendations welcome.

Joe Pineapples
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Re: Software for Engraving on a sphere

Post by Joe Pineapples » Sat 16 Jul , 2016 8:45 am

Hi, I know this is a couple of years old but for the benefit of anyone else who might be looking for a solution, I use Mastercam for 3D engraving (and for just about all my CAM needs) but, obviously, it's astronomically expensive. A free option would be HeeksCAD/HeeksCNC, Google it and download. Tutorials available on YouTube.

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