QuickCAM Pro v1.9 released 4th May 2007

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QuickCAM Pro v1.9 released 4th May 2007

Post by Denford Admin » Fri 04 May , 2007 10:35 am

Download the latest version of the CD from here:
http://website.denford.ltd.uk/index.php ... -downloads

Since last release:

Added a View Plan Details button to the right-click popup menu on each plan - lets you see the plan settings without having to re-calculate

Improved the way the STL import determines whether the file is ASCII or BINARY - now works on Cosmic Blobs files

Changed the invert model function, to create a square outer cap around the top faces of the mould. (will only work with suitable 2.5D models - full 3D models would need slicing in half first, in order to make an inverse mould)

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