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Quickcam 3D version 3

Post by Benny » Mon 06 Nov , 2006 14:44 pm

Will soon be cutting F1 car on Router Compact. QC v3 question --- How do you change the point of origin on an stl created in Inventor. The stl image was created with the point of origin (XY) at the nose instead of the rear of F1 car like in Pro D tutorial. Can the change take place in QC v3 and if so how? Or must the changes occur in the Design software?

Help! Thank you.

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Post by Steve » Mon 06 Nov , 2006 18:16 pm

The origin of the part in the design software does not matter.

When you bring it in to Quick CAM to can orient the part within the billet.

On the last page of the Wizard just before you post process the file there is the option to move the origin in all 3 axes. :!:

Check out the tutorials in the Help section of Quick CAM. :idea:

Make sure you are up to date with your software by visiting the downloads section of the web site. :idea:

Visit the following link as this covers setting the origin.


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Post by Denford Admin » Thu 09 Nov , 2006 17:05 pm

NB, be aware that...
QuickCAM ignores the positioning of the Model as it was created.
It loads the model in, and centralises it within the models XYZ boundaries - this is so it can then centre it within the billet block
- preserving the original model position would mean that some models may not be visible at all in the viewport.

This means that you may have to create additional blocks in Inventor, so that the car has some reference planes to allow the offsets to be moved at the end - almost like creating a solid frame around the model, the exact size of the balsa wood blank.

Hope you get my meaning :?:

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