Problems using QuickCam Pro on site licence.

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Problems using QuickCam Pro on site licence.

Post by richgirling » Wed 09 Oct , 2013 9:25 am


We are having continued problems using QuickCam Pro on our site licence.
When we try to create a cutter path from an STL file we get the error message displayed below.
Our IT department has identified the problem to be that the “.” (full stop) in staffs user names is making your software fail at this point.
As the software is trying to write to a temporary folder the “.” is causing a conflict and not allowing the file to be written.
Our students do not have a “.” (full stop) in their user names and they can use the software without problems but the staff cannot under their own log ins!
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Re: Problems using QuickCam Pro on site licence.

Post by Steve » Thu 10 Oct , 2013 12:48 pm

This is something that has alway been in the software. A . In a username could be mistaken as a file extension.

Could you please type the exact message you are getting when you try to process a file? Could you also process a file with a different username also with a . In it and type that message too.

We will then have to look at the code and see if we can save the temporary file somewhere else during the process.

This will require a new build and release of the software if it is possible to resolve.

Please note the software has been out around 8 years and this is the first time it has been reported.

I would think it is very unusual to have a . In a user name. Is this something you could change?

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Re: Problems using QuickCam Pro on site licence.

Post by Denford Admin » Fri 11 Oct , 2013 14:03 pm

Hi. We've tried saving the file to directory paths with full stops in them, and it appears to work. Might there be a permissions issue with the directory? What happens if the file is saved to a common temp folder?

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