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QuickCAM PRO v1.10 release 14th March 2011

Posted: Mon 14 Mar , 2011 15:47 pm
by Denford Admin
v1.10 Changed GLFileSTL_DENFORD import to read nextengine stl files with invalid normals - normals are now recalculated, so hopefully all triangles are the correct winding order
v1.10 Increased High res bitmap option to create a finer lithophane PLUS Improved bitmap adjustments/options
v1.10 Added awareness of ATC mode using different set of tools
v1.10 Some fixes to do with custom boundary not storing the same numbers if you changed them on the plan screen before clicking Custom button
v1.10 fixed so tool editor window dosn't open so wide every time

As usual - check here for the latest version: ... -downloads

Biggest improvement is in bitmap import:
quickcam-v1-10.jpg (50.72 KiB) Viewed 2556 times