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QuickCAM 3D V3 Could not read Inventor 10 stl file

Posted: Thu 08 Jun , 2006 22:20 pm
by dhorine
After creating stl file from Inventor 10 and setting option to HIGH with stl export, Quick CAM 3D V3 says "Cannot read from file:" error.

Any suggestions?

Posted: Fri 09 Jun , 2006 9:38 am
by Denford Admin
If you can, try changing the output format from ASCII to binary or vice versa.

Does it read smaller (lower triangle count) files from Inventor OK ?

Posted: Mon 12 Jun , 2006 13:20 pm
by Steve
Hi Dan,

If the file does not have enough triangles sometimes the STL is created with errors. If you want to e-mail the STL we can take a look at it and try importing it into other packages.

Do you have any other CAM package you can try to see if it imports?

Posted: Mon 12 Jun , 2006 17:40 pm
by Steve
Have examined the file and tried to open it in several other CAM packages.

The STL is incomplete and some surfaces are not defined correctly. The problem shows up in 2 packages and would not open at all in 2 others. :oops:

This is most likely a problem with Inventer. Check the STL output again and also check the design of the car does not have any errors before it was exported.

Quick Cam has rejected the file because the data is currupt :!:

Check the car is not an assembly as assembled parts cannot be exported as an STL. :idea:

Exporting .stl from Inventor 11

Posted: Thu 29 Mar , 2007 23:04 pm
by bhutzel
I am having the same issue. One of my students designed an F1 car and we received the cannot read file error message when we try to import into QuickCAM Pro. The Inventor file has no missing parts or errors.

I am a manufacturing center and have imported many files. This is the first time this has occurred.

Posted: Fri 30 Mar , 2007 10:15 am
by Denford Admin
Hi, can you attach the STL file and we will try it here ?

I would also try saving the file as binary and ascii - if Inventor gives you the choice :?: