Anyone machined a F1 using 4d

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Anyone machined a F1 using 4d

Post by vicm111 » Thu 04 May , 2006 17:44 pm

we are trying to machine a F1 using QuickCAM 4D. Does anyone tried it and was successful?

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Post by Denford Admin » Fri 05 May , 2006 10:13 am

In the QuickCAM 4D Tutorial directory there is this pdf "F1 4th Axis D Type Manufacturing guide.pdf"
It shows how to machine an F1 car using the rotary axis. However, it uses QuickCAM 3D to generate the toolpath for each side of the car.
I don't think anyone has tried to use QuickCAM 4D to machine a car, but I can't see any reason why it wouldn't work :roll:

I guess getting the centre line of the 3D model to match the centre line of the balsa blank would be the biggest problem.
You could try machining from a solid round balsa billet, and put the CO2 cartridge hole in afterwards.

If you don't have this tutorial on your version of QuickCAM 4D - let me know and I can upload the PDF on its own

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Post by HunterScotty » Sun 03 Dec , 2006 14:41 pm

I've turned some Balsa blanks and used QuickCAM 4D and results were impressive, although it is very difficult to get 'square' edges should you want them.

If your design is very free-flowing then the results are impressive.

...The biggest pain is having to turn your own round balsa blanks - the pain is neutralised by using school pupils as slave labour, eh, I mean "Practice for the students..."

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