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Question on exporting STL

Posted: Wed 29 Mar , 2006 17:22 pm
by jsipes
I designed an F1 car but it was too long. To fix this is cut out part of the middle and made the car into two peices and saved them in seperate files and joined them as an assembly. However when i tried to load my exported assembly in Quick CAM it was unable to read the file. Does anybody know how I can export an assembly?

Thanks a lot

Posted: Wed 29 Mar , 2006 22:44 pm
by Mr Orange
What CAD package are you using ?

I'm not sure how any CAD package will export multiple parts into an STL - whether it will create seperate object lists, or merge it all into one mass of triangles ?

Send the STL file to for a quick look

Posted: Thu 30 Mar , 2006 3:47 am
by Steve
Pro Desktop 8 can not export multiple parts as an STL.

The solution is to convert hte parts to solid.

In the assembly select each part in turn. Go to the feature menu, Use component then add material.

The component changes colour to become the part. Do this with each part then save the STL and you will get a model this time.

Steve Oddy
PTC Trainer A032

Posted: Thu 30 Mar , 2006 16:11 pm
by jsipes
Thank you so much! Worked like a charm :D

Posted: Fri 31 Mar , 2006 12:34 pm
by Steve
Just thought of another solution for this one. :idea:

If you have designed a part that is too large you could use the feature and scale the model. Feature menu, Modify Solids, Scale Solids.

You can then scale the whole part of just one axis of it. :D