Cube in cube

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Cube in cube

Post by Longlands » Thu 14 Jun , 2007 13:19 pm

We are attempting to produce an object that gives a cube within a cube with a hole through the centre. This has been modelled in Inventor and imported to Quickcam Pro.
We have selected spiral path for simulation but this gives two problems.
1 The cutter traverses down the centre and works outover. How do we get it to work from the oputside to centre. This is not a problem machining foam but if we were to use aluminium for example the cutter would break.
2 The centre hole of 10mm diameter using a 6mm slot drill does not machine the whole edge of the hole. The two larger diameters to produce the object are OK.

Any ideas???????????

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Post by Steve » Fri 15 Jun , 2007 10:08 am

Can you post some pictures or e-mail me some?

I am not sure that QuickCAM would be the best program to produce this.

The spiral mill cycle always starts from the centre and works out. It can never produce a perfect circle as it is always spiralling out. You could look at the Z level statergy.

A 2D program ie Quick CAM 2D Design would probably be better to produce this as you can use a drilling cycle for the hole.

I have cut several cube within cube type parts and as all faces are the same you only need one program.

The most difficult thing is Holding the part when cutting the last face and getting your block square to start with.

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