QuickCAM Pro licence question + machine question

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QuickCAM Pro licence question + machine question

Post by halftonner » Wed 04 Oct , 2017 20:32 pm

Hopefully someone can help me here ... what is the cost of the licence for QuickCAM Pro?

Secondly - will the g-code generated from QuickCAM Pro run on any 2.5D CNC Mill?? I ask as I have a Sieg KX3 mill?

I'm very well versed in ProDesktop 2000i, and so that's my preferred choice of CAD Software, but I struggle to then get that into G-Code, yet the QuickCAM Pro implies that it will understand the stl files from ProDesktop and give me some G-Code to run... ideally though I wish to run the G-Code in Mach3 on a Sieg mill ..... is this all possible?

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